CAN WE TALK ABOUT: Geoff and Yasmeen

Corrie has had its fair share of controversial storylines. From Peter Barlow’s ongoing battle with alcoholism to Bethany Platt’s grooming ordeal,

But the latest cobbles controversy has been a slow burner, and the flames are finally starting to grow.

Geoff and Yasmine Metcalfe are in the middle of a wicked abuse storyline, which started with a small trickle of emotional manipulation but spun out of control during Wednesday night’s episode when Geoff locked Yasmeen inside a wooden box.

Abuse of any form is a difficult subject to tackle; experiences of survivors come in all shapes and sizes. But Coronation Street producers are doing an excellent job of showing its viewers how easy it is to fall into an abuser’s trap.

Throughout the entirety of the storyline, abusive Geoff has been consistent in his displays of affection for Yasmeen, which has blinded her to the issues he has caused.

As well as isolating her from her family, controlling her finances and forcing her to meticulously clean their home on a tight rota, one of the latest storylines saw Geoff force Yasmeen to drink a bottle of wine.

The scandal came after the villain convinced Yasmeen she was an alcoholic; claims which she rebuked, much to Geoff’s dismay.

As well as displaying the ease of falling into abusive situations, Coronation Street is successfully showing viewers that abuse isn’t just punching and kicking.

The storyline has been positively received in the most part with viewers expressing their gratitude at a storyline that is so accurately depicting the intricacies of abusive relationships.

But some viewers don’t agree:

Locking Yasmeen in is Geoff’s biggest crime in the storyline so far, but will this be the end of his reign of terror?

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